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Day Nine: Ripples of Faith

Clare’s life was one devoted to service. Everything she did—leaving her family, following Francis, living a life of poverty, establishing the Poor Clares—all of that was done to serve God. Christ was the beacon of her life. We can recount the many events of her life, but we must always remember that at the heart of them was her love for the crucified Christ and how she could bring his message to others. 

Much like a stone thrown into water extends ripples far and wide, Clare’s holiness and faith helped spread the vision of Saint Francis to many—even to this day. Each woman she joined in community with, each brother of Francis that she counseled, each cardinal or pope she challenged, each was changed as a result of Clare’s living example. 

It is a good reminder to us that at the heart of all we do, we must remember to keep our focus on the greater mission of serving Christ in our lives. May we all be such devoted followers of Christ that we are able to touch even just a fraction of those Saint Clare has.v


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