Lent 2017

Fourth Friday of Lent: The Kingdom Is Right Here

The Kingdom Is Right Here

“You know me, and you know where I am from.”
—John 7:28

Jesus is responding to some of the Jews saying that “when the Christ comes, no one will know where he is from.”

Like Jesus of Nazareth, Francis of Assisi was able to accomplish a great deal in a small, somewhat obscure village. They know that proximity to power, to wealth, to a thriving metropolis doesn’t guarantee the kind of impact they seek to have on the world.

We can take comfort in this, especially if we ourselves aren’t particularly well-placed. We can also be challenged by it. Suddenly we have no excuse not to do what we can in whatever place we find ourselves. The kingdom of God is in our midst in all places and at all times. All we need to do is acknowledge it and spread that awareness to others through lives faithful to the Gospel.

Pray with Saint Francis

Each and every virtue puts vice and sin to shame. Amen.


The Hope of Lent