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If one phenomenon marks our modern world, it’s instant communication. The message you’re listening to is just one way we interact at the speed of light. I sat at a computer to write this short reflection, and then someone took it—via the Internet—to edit and prepare so that it might be heard on our Web site or over the radio waves. If you wish, you could download the very text I originally typed. I still marvel at all the ways we can communicate today.

Today’s feast of the Epiphany of the Lord is a feast that celebrates communication.The Gospel we read today portrays Jesus, the Word Made Flesh, revealed to the nations, as the wise men arrive to pay him homage. Whatever the historical facts behind the story, the message of faith is that God is reaching out to us, communicating to us the Word Made Flesh. That’s communication that has transformed human history.

God’s revelation in Jesus has a power surpassing all our modern technological “miracles,” because it speaks to our hearts. Are we listening? Are we open to the Word?

Let’s become modern channels of God’s communication to the world, in this new year, using our gifts—whatever they may be—to pass on the message of Good News, that Love is born in our midst.

I’m Father Greg Friedman, with the “Sunday Soundbite” for St. Anthony Messenger Press, on the Web at