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Blessed Mary of the Passion

Blessed Mary of the Passion

Another Saint of the Day for November 15


Blessed Mary of the Passion’s Story

Over the years, Mary grew to understand how she could best serve God.

Born Helene de Chappotin de Neuville, she came from a distinguished French family in Nantes. In 1860, she entered the Poor Clares, but poor health forced her to leave the following year. In 1864, she joined the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix and took the name Mary of the Passion. From 1865 to 1876, she worked in the Madura missions in India. In 1877, she established the Institute of the Missionaries of Mary, which became the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (F.M.M.) in 1882 when she adopted the Third Order Rule.

Mary was still living when seven members of her community were martyred in the 1900 Boxer Uprising. In addition to caring for people afflicted with leprosy, her sisters have served in education, social service, nursing, and catechetics—frequently with Franciscan Missionaries of Mary of other nationalities.

She was beatified in 2002.


Exactly what duties did God impose on Mary? Did he reveal to her precisely what work her sisters were to do? In prayer, Mary’s heart was purified, and she conformed even more to God’s ways. Prayer certainly led her to see ways of serving that she had not previously realized.