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Why do so many graduates of Catholic schools beI have seen celebrants at funerals wWho besides St. Francis of Assisi and St. I once read in a Catholic newspaper that suicide may nWhat can you tell me about the curse that Noah placed on hi

Pat McCloskey, OFM

Ask A Franciscan: Church Shares Good News In Many Ways

Blessed Pope John Paul II several times spoke about a “new evangelization.” What did he mean by that term? When iIn Romans 3:23, St. Paul writes, “For... all have sinneWhat caused other Christian groups to beI recently saw a death notice that read, “A Funeral Mas

Pat McCloskey, OFM

Ask A Franciscan: Sharing the Gift of God’s Life

Does the Catholic Church have a position about dI am very interested in angels but haven’t been able to find information aWhy does the Roman Catholic Church call itself thatIs there still a Secular Franciscan Order? Are they the

Pat McCloskey, OFM

Ask A Franciscan: Coping With a Mother’s Death

I need your help and prayers in trying to accept the death of my mother at age 90 over a year ago. She had been active right up until her death. She suffered from cancer and many, many other medical problems throughout her life. I was her caregiver. Sometimes she got mad at me for taking her to so many doctors. Most of these medications made her more sick. AbLori Erickson’s article, “Our Lady of Pilar,” in your December 2010 isLast May, Christopher Heffron’s article “

Pat McCloskey, OFM

Ask A Franciscan: God Usually Acts Through Human Beings

God the Father chose Mary to have Jesus and selected Joseph as the child’s foster father. I have a great devotion to Mary and Joseph. Why is it that only Eucharistic Prayer I mentions Joseph? That seems very odd. On MarchIn Isaiah 40:2, God tells the prophet: “Speak tenderly to JerusIn a prayer to the Archangel Michael, wWho was the last saint canonized whoYour

Pat McCloskey, OFM

Ask A Franciscan: Still Members of the Church

As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, what happens when a couple divorces? One spouse may not want a divorce but cannot I fell away from the Catholic Church 26 years ago. I was raised in a loving, Catholic family with devout parents, grandparents and extended family. I believe that from all eternity God has planned our world and knew exactly what would occur. When I was created, God knewIn your November column, you wrote, “The person for whom the Mass i

Pat McCloskey, OFM

Ask A Franciscan: Confession Assures Us of God’s Love

I read about a person who went to confession, repenting of not wanting the sufferings that God had allowed. That person was hOver the centuries, how have priests mI don’t understand why someone who has celiac disease and is, therefore, allergic to What is the origin of the tradition of b

Pat McCloskey, OFM

Ask A Franciscan: God Knows Our Heart Completely

I am an 87-year-old widow. Although my recently scheduled major surgery was called off because of other health problems, before that happened I recalled This year Christmas falls on Saturday and the neI am concerned about your answer to the mother who had words with her daughter over po Your answer to “Social Justice Is Marxism” (September issue) really disappointed me. How can you say that Jesus preached socialism? He taught charity. Basic American Christian values have always been to help those in need. In my family, we tithe (Church) and give alms (our favorite charities). We

Pat McCloskey, OFM

Ask A Franciscan: Every Mass Remembers the Entire Church

If every sacrifice of the Mass is offered for Did your August column contain a misprint in your answer about the difference between Blessed and Venerable? You wrote, “A person moves from Aren’t immigration laws as bind If a bishop from the Anglican Church o

Pat McCloskey, OFM