Cardinal Dolan on the New Evangelizaton

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I’d Like to Say: Religious Freedom Is at Stake

NEARLY EVERY WEEK there’s media hype about something the government has done. Supporters and critics insist that the latest law, judicial decision, or executive action will change the world as we know it. Yet we wake the next morning to discover the world looks much the same.A problem with this

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Praying With Mary

THE LIFE of Mary, mother of the Word of God, can show us how to read the Bible in a personal, prayerful and transforming manner. This way of listening to God’s word in Scripture is traditionally called lectio divina, an ancient practice by which prayerful listening to the text

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50 Hours With God

EIGHT DAYS before our mother died, on April 4, 2011, we finally heard the truth. Or rather, the truth had finally been spoken to us in a clear, concise and unvarnished manner. Prior to that afternoon, Mom, Dad and we 11 children had each been living privately with the truth

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Mighty Macs movie

The Mighty Macs: The Story Behind the Film

It’s a Cinderella story about a team from Philly who won it all— from tiny Immaculata College. By B.G. Kelley

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