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American Catholic Radio for November 13-19, 2017

American Catholic Radio: Journey With Christ–Faith, Worship, Witness

Week of November 13, 2017 — Program #17-47

Saint of the Week

This 13th-century bishop and Doctor of the Church is best known by philosophy students as the teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Called to Witness

Judy Zarick speaks with Bob Donovana Marianist brother and medical doctor who uses his gifts in the inner-city neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, where he also lives.

Called to Faith

The Most Rev. Daniel Flores of Brownsville, Texas, on celebrating cultural diversity in the Church.

Catholic Treasure

What do we call the band of cloth worn around the neck and shoulders during the liturgy by bishops, priests, and deacons?

Called to Worship

John Feister’s guest, author, editor, and publisher Jon M. Sweeney, talks about his book When St. Francis Saved the Church.