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American Catholic Radio for June 26-July 2, 2017

American Catholic Radio: Journey With Christ–Faith, Worship, Witness

Week of June 26, 2017 — Program #17-27


Saint of the Week

The first pope to be born in the 19th century, this Servant of God’s encyclicals addressed contemporary issues such as marriage, family, state, and society.

Called to Witness

Judy Zarick visits with Andi Wisinski, a recruiting assistant for the National Evangelization Team Ministries, which invites young Catholics to devote nine months to mission service with the Teams.

Called to Faith

The Most Rev. Michael Barber, S.J., of Oakland, California, on promoting vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Catholic Treasure

What do we call the annual collection taken up around the world for the use of the Holy Father?

Called to Worship

Robert McCarty, D.Min., formerly of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, on passing down the faith to the next generations.