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American Catholic Radio for July 30-August 5, 2018

American Catholic Radio

Week of July 30, 2018 — Program #18-31

Living Faith

Judy Zarick welcomes Jesuit Father Jim Martin for a conversation on the saints’ use of humor to keep them humble, and how laughter is an essential element of a healthy spiritual life.

Ask a Franciscan

Franciscan Father Hilarion Kistner answers these scriptural questions: Why does Jesus compare the Kingdom of Heaven to a mustard seed? Is there a connection between the illness of the paralyzed man and his sins, which Jesus forgives? Does the number 12 have a special meaning in the Bible? Who was Enoch, and where can we find the scriptural book that bears his name?

On Faith and Media

This week Daughters of St. Paul Sister Rose Pacatte discusses Eucharistic themes in media stories.

Minute Meditation

Gina Loehr reads from her book The Four Teresas.

Exploring Our Faith

John Feister speaks with Glenmary Home Missioner Father Vic Subb about his ministry with immigrants and migrant workers.