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American Catholic Radio for January 29-February 4, 2018

American Catholic Radio

Week of January 29, 2018 — Program #18-05


Living Faith

Judy Zarick’s guest is Mary-Cabrini Durkin of the Company of St. Ursula in the United States. Active in many parts of the world, the Company consists of single, celibate women, who live the Gospel and support each other spiritually, following the charism of St. Angela Merici.

Ask a Franciscan

The late Franciscan Father Don Miller answers these moral questions: Is cohabitation before marriage a mortal sin? Can a Catholic be denied a Church wedding because of pre-marital cohabitation?

On Faith and Media

This week Daughter of St. Paul Sister Rose Pacatte asks, “What’s your favorite nun movie?”

Minute Meditation

From Prayers From Franciscan Hearts: Contemporary Reflections from Women and Men, edited by Paula Pearce, S.F.O.

Exploring Our Faith

John Feister welcomes John L. Allen, Jr., editor of Crux, who comments on the findings from apostolic visitations to congregations of women religious in the U.S.