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American Catholic Radio for February 6-12, 2017

American Catholic Radio: Journey With Christ–Faith, Worship, Witness

Week of February 06, 2017 — Program #17-07

Saint of the Week

These two Greek brothers became missionaries, teachers, and patrons of Slavic peoples.

Called to Witness

Judy Zarick’s guest, Tom Helmer, served as a site leader for “Catholic Build 2014”, an offshoot of Habitat for Humanity in Austin, Texas.

Called to Faith

The Most Rev. Lawrence Persico of Erie, Pennsylvania, on how parish life forms us as Catholic Christians.

Catholic Treasure

What February feast of Mary is associated with her appearance in 19th-century France?

Called to Worship

Capuchin Franciscan Father Michael H. Crosby speaks with John Feister about living in right relationship with those around us.