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American Catholic Radio for February 25-March 3, 2019

American Catholic Radio

Week of February 25, 2019 — Program #19-09


Living Faith

Judy Zarick speaks with former Catholic school teacher and principal John Findlater, who promotes the benefits of Catholic education to school administrators.

Ask a Franciscan

The late Franciscan Father Don Miller responded to these ethical questions: Can atheists be saved? Can a sin be forgiven even if we’re too embarrassed to confess it?

Marriage Moment

Commentators Andrew and Terri Lyke‘s topic this week is “Putting the marital relationship before all other earthly relationships.”

Minute Meditation

From Discovering Mary: Answers to Questions About the Mother of God, by David Mills.

Exploring Our Faith

John Feister and his guest, Franciscan Brother John Barker discuss what we can learn from the Gospel of Luke.