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American Catholic Radio for February 18-24, 2019

American Catholic Radio

Week of February 18, 2019 — Program #19-08

Living Faith

Judy Zarick visits with Louise Pennartz, who despite suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, is active with the Wings of Peace ministry, helping to feed the hungry in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ask a Franciscan

The late Franciscan Father Don Miller responded to these ethical questions: How can someone control his or her anger? Do suffering and death come from God?

Marriage Moment

Marriage commentators Greg and Jennifer Willits address the topic “How Couples Can Negotiate Conflicts in Marriage.”

Minute Meditation

From Your Spiritual Garden: Tending to the Presence of God–A Six-Week Daily Life Retreat, by Pegge Bernecker.

Exploring Our Faith

John Feister’s guest, author Chris Benguhe, chose to focus his writing on topics that really matter.