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American Catholic Radio for December 3-9, 2018

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Week of December 3, 2018 — Program #18-49

Living Faith

Judy Zarick welcomes retired Glenmary Father Fid Levri, who chooses to continue living in a mission area.

Ask a Franciscan

Franciscan Father Dan Kroger responds to this liturgical question: In reference to the phrase in the Nicene Creed “…through him all things were made,” what role did Jesus play in creation?

Marriage Moment

Commentators Jim and Susan Vogt discuss creative ways to express love for your spouse.

Minute Meditation

From “Advent: Celebrating Promise, Joy, and Hope,” by Kenneth R. Overberg, S.J.

Exploring Our Faith

John Feister spoke with the late Franciscan Father Don Miller about promoting vocations to the priesthood and religious life.