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American Catholic Radio for December 10-16, 2018

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Week of December 10, 2018 — Program #18-50


Living Faith

Judy Zarick’s guest Rose Wilkes has experienced the Joyful Again weekend for widowed persons as both a participant and as a leader.

Ask a Franciscan

Franciscan Father Dan Kroger responds to these pastoral questions: Why is God not fair, since some people suffer and others don’t? May a sacristan clean the Eucharistic vessels after Mass?

Marriage Moment

Commentators Jim and Susan Vogt address how to blend personalities in a marriage.

Minute Meditation

From Discovering Mary: Answers to Questions About the Mother of God, by David Mills.

Exploring Our Faith

Franciscan Sister Kathy Warren joins John Feister for a conversation on the story of St. Francis at Greccio.