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America’s Premiere Catholic Website

Since June 1996,, now, has grown by offering reliable and timely information on the Catholic Christian faith. Our visitors have come to expect daily updated features such as Saint of the Day and Minute Meditations. Coupled with timely seasonal and newsworthy features, this site is also the home of St. Anthony Messenger magazine, winner of the 2020 Catholic Press Awards magazine of the year. Click here to see the list of our winning entries from the 2020 CPA Awards. Please help us in our efforts to maintain our consistency, timeliness, relevance, and reliability as an ongoing digital resource in the faith journeys of the world’s Christians. Thanks for visiting!


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On our site, you might see advertising from We have chosen to use this service because we trust the partnerships to be family-friendly and safe for visitors of all ages. Please click the link above for more information or to begin a partnership through the service. This site was built as an evangelical and educational ministry of the Franciscan Friars of St. John the Baptist Province, and any advertising within its pages is in line with their good work.

 We are happy to have you join our efforts in sharing our joy in the Catholic faith!

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Since June 1, 1893, St. Anthony Messenger has been an outreach effort of the Franciscan Friars of Cincinnati, Ohio. Although the medium and the message may have evolved, the nation’s most popular Catholic magazine is still a trustworthy resource delivered in the popular and family-friendly style of Saint Francis of Assisi. For more specific information about print advertising, including available ad formats, layout dimensions, and closing dates, click here!

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Ethos: Enrich the Catholic tradition through a deeply empathetic and human point of view. We seek to emulate, in new and exciting ways, the styles of Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Anthony of Padua in their ministries.

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