May 13, 2020

Lourdes: 150 Years of God's Healing Care

At the heart of Lourdes stands an encounter of love between a child and a mother, between Bernadette Soubirous and Mary, Mother of God and our mother. That meeting forever changed the face of a small French village and reawakened the spiritual yearnings of people, making Lourdes a worldwide center of pilgrimage.

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Padre Pio and the Madonna

Padre Pio nurtured his love for the Mother of Jesus from the time he was a child. He would go to the church in Pietrelcina to greet and to pray to our Lady of Graces.

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The Death of Jesus: Then and Now

The accounts of Jesus’ passion and death in the four Gospels agree on many basic points. They tell us that Jesus was arrested, underwent two hearings or trials, was sentenced to death by crucifixion and died on a cross.

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Pope John Paul II’s Advice for Families

John Paul II often addresses issues directly connected with family life. Most of his important insights are found in his work entitled Familiaris Consortio (it translates into English as On the Family).

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A Cosmic Resurrection

Part of the great mystery of life is that it’s just as hard to see the ecstasy and beauty of things as it is to accept the crucifixion of things. Both are the paschal mystery—Christ has died, Christ is risen—and both are an utter act of faith and surrender. In fact, when I see how the negative response comes first to most people, I wonder if the seeing of the Resurrection is not actually the harder act of faith.

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