June 3, 2019

Our Return to Holy Saturday

Now that Lent has long passed, and Easter celebrations have ended, we return to Holy Saturday, the space in which most of our mental, emotional, and spiritual lives unfold. On summer’s doorstep, in the wake of seeing the earth bloom to life, we are reminded of the coming dryness.

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Saint Charles Lwanga: Pray for Us!

Saint Charles Lwanga, wow! How strong and brave of you to practice Christianity knowing the danger around you. You were young but possessed the wisdom of ages. All throughout your ordeal, you maintained your focus on the Risen Lord. Bravery? Maturity? Strength?What are the proper words to describe your resolve? Your actions showed us that you are a true child of God. Help us, especially when faced with difficulties, to know that we are children of God and joint heirs with Christ and you. Amen.

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