This video shares the story of St. Francis and Sultan Malek al-Kamil and a little-known thirteenth-century peace initiative in the Middle East. In 1219 during the Fifth Crusade, Francis took it upon himself to cross battle lines and reach out to the enemy. These countercultural efforts of Francis, a simple friar, and Malek al-Kamil, the leader of the Muslim forces of the Levant, made these men most unusual in their time. This video examines their efforts on behalf of peace in order to help us, in our time, negotiate interreligious misunderstanding and hostility, and other difficult encounters between conflicting peoples. 1 DVD contains 2 segments, 22 minutes each.

A few great ways you could use this video and leader’s guide:

 Year of Faith event—Learn about other faiths within the context of your own

 New Evangelization event—Learn how to share your faith with others

 Hold a morning of reflection on interreligious dialogue

 Organize a movie and discussion night with a youth group

 Build community within organizations serving different faiths

KATHLEEN A. WARREN, OSF, is a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of Rochester, Minnesota. She holds an MA in Religious Education from Loyola University, Chicago; a master’s degree in Franciscan Studies from the Franciscan Institute, St. Bonaventure University; and a Doctor of Ministry from the Graduate Theological Foundation, South Bend, Indiana. Since 2002, Sr. Kathy, a specialist in interreligious dialogue, has been involved in Muslim-Christian interaction, offering workshops and retreats around the country on topics related to peacemaking and interreligious encounter, particularly from a Franciscan perspective.


JAYASRI (JOYCE) HART produces, directs, and edits documentaries. In her independent projects, she explores little-known nuggets of history that have contemporary relevance. Originally from India, where she made programs for All-India Radio and Doordarshan (Indian TV), she now lives and works in the Los Angeles area with her husband, writer William Hart.

In the Footprints of Francis and the Sultan

A Model for Peacemaking

Perfect for a small group discussion during the Year of Faith!

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