In conjunction with the Year of Faith, this new parish resource from Franciscan Media and Servant Books will help you understand and teach the basic beliefs of the Catholic faith. The I Believe newsletter will help engage parishioners in their faith by taking them step by step through the Nicene Creed, with explanations and reflections for each creedal statement.
We offer three great ways for you to use I Believe in your parish.
Choose the one that’s right for you.
In small groups
Each small group pack contains 10 copies of each of the first six newsletters.
The leader’s guide covers the material in all six newsletters. For a group of ten people
and one leader, purchase one small group pack and one leader’s guide.

Monthly, parish-wide distribution
Purchase a subscription for your parishioners and allow them to pick it up
once a month as they leave Mass. The number of copies you order will be
shipped to your parish just in time to put out for the next month.

By individual topic
Is there a particular need in your parish, covered by one of the issues of I Believe? Order that issue in bulk and make it available to your parishioners at the back of church, in a mailing, or however you choose to distribute it. Choose from the available topics and links on the right to order specific issues. The first six issues will be available in July and the next six available in October.